Bringing good and memorable moments to our guests and team mates, through good witty humour which is characteristic of our venue and working environment.


Pursuing passionately excellence in our profession. Shown in the quality of our food, beverages and hospitality service. Striving for innovation and W O W ! experiences for our guests.

& Humility

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Typifying each of us.


Challenging ourselves to create new experiences adapted to our guests.
Striving to get the…



Enthusiasm for
our profession!

Family Teamwork




Under “One Team One Dream” motto, making everyone feel aspart of an honest and humble family business where staff is treated as a member and not asubordinate.


El Willy "Fun F&B Group" is the result of several years of a Chef's hard work in Asia. Since his arrival to Shanghai in 2007, Willy has created fun F&B projects that now are presented under the group umbrella. Our first concept, "el Willy, Happy Spanish Restaurant" -today our flagship venue- was followed by "el Cóctel" -a Japanese cocktail bar with a funky twist-, "FoFo by el Willy" -a contemporary Spanish restaurant in Central Hong Kong-, "Bikini, Snackies and Hot Dogs" -a tiny crazy sandwich bar-, and "Elefante, Happy Restaurant and Bar" -Mediterranean. On the horizon, new concepts under developement in China and beyond. Welcome to el Willy Fun F&B Group!

Our recipes

Prawn and Mushroom Cannelloni with Coconut Truffle

peeled prawn tails 100 g
sheets of lasagna 2 sheets
parmesan cheese 10 g
white onion chopped 1 piece
shiitake mushrooms 50 g
button mushrooms 50 g
porcini mushrooms 50 g
oyster mushrooms 50 g
cream 20 ml
olive oil and butter
salt & pepper

For the Cannelloni For the shrimp and mushroom filling, cut all the mushrooms into small dices. Heat up a casserole with olive oil and butter. Cook the white chopped onion very slowly for about 45 minutes, add the mushrooms and turn to medium-high heat, stir continuously till the water of the mushrooms evaporates. Add the shrimps roughly diced to the mixture and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the cream, stir well and bring back to boil. Correct the seasoning with salt and pepper. Take off from the heat and allow to cool down.

For the Lasagna sheets Bring a pot of water with salt to boil. Cook the lasagna sheets for a few minutes. Strain well and place in iced water to cool down. Roll the cannelloni with the stuffing and lasagna sheets and keep on the side.

For the Truffle sauce Bring the coconut milk to boil in a casserole and reduce to about 1/3. Add the chopped truffle, and truffle oil, season well, boil for a couple more minutes. Blend all the ingredients into a smooth sauce.commolo rentur, ipsam doluptatum sequassiti blamaet quas mendentus es unti blant. Aquae ipsam solor afori.


2007 Willy arrives
to China
And tours Greater China for one year as Torres executive Chef.
2008 El Willy opens
at Donghu Lu
This is where his first own cooking project starts.
2009 El Cóctel is born A Cocktail bar based on the Japanese know-how, with a fun twist.
2010 Bikini Hot Dogs The smallest member of the group delivers the best Hot Dogs in town.
2010 We start with Fofo in HK “The girls” & Mr. Fargas start the Hong Kong adventure.
2012 ElWilly goes Bund The skyscrapers and the funky lighting of Pudong give a plus to the fun dinning experience.
2012 Elefante at Old Donghu Lu Former Donghu Lu House, where it all started, is now home of El Efante.
2014 El Ocho A craft cocktail bar in the Taixing Road complex.
2014 El Tomatito el Willy’s casual interpretation of the prêt-à-porter concept
2015 La Paloma Hong Kong The icon of our new sexy tapas bar.
2016 Tomatito Manila Beginning of el Willy’s expansion in Asia.
Facts & Figures 120M$
El Willy 58M$
Employees 53
El Efante 25M$
Workshops 25
El Cóctel 16M$
Events 12